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Tyson Dirksen

Sustainable Real Estate Developer, Broker, General Contractor, Building Scientist, founder of The Evolve Companies... & Pilot


Penthouse Of Larkin St Project

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About Tyson

Spending most of his childhood chasing lizards, frogs, snakes, and spiders through the orchards of Northern California, Tyson saw the impact of the 1980’s drought on the environment. This led him to become passionate about environmental conservation, the importance of raw resources, and sustainability at a young age. With his parents involved in real estate, he started to think about how the built environment had a big impact on climate change and the consumption of raw resources. As a freshman in high school, he remembers reading how “the built environment produced 40% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (significantly impacting global warming)” and, from that day forward, he married his love for real estate and urban planning with his passion for environmental conservation and sustainability. Tyson is now an expert in the high-performance green building industry and is the founder of the Evolve Companies. Evolve is a vertically integrated real estate company with brokerage, construction, building supply, and development teams that work together to create cutting edge healthy, sustainable, smart, and resilient buildings. 

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Tyson has a Masters in Real Estate Development & Finance from MIT and BA in Psychology from Brown University. He is a licensed California real estate broker, California general contractor, LEED AP, Green Point rater, Passive House designer, Well certified, and HERS Rater.

To learn more about how Evolve builds go to our "How We Build" page.

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Experience & Skills

Experience & Skills

Tyson has 20 years of experience as a sustainable real estate developer, real estate broker, general contractor, building scientist, pilot, and founder of the Evolve companies. Utilizing the latest in building science and data, sustainable building materials and systems, renewable energy, stationary batteries, and smart building technologies, he created healthy, sustainable, smart, and resilient developments that don't just bring beauty to the neighborhoods and health to their inhabitants but also are built to last.​



-Due Diligence         -Acquisitions         -Entitlements         -Financing         -Insurance Procurement         -Contract Negotiation         

-Project Management         -Property Management         -Lease Negotiations         -Creative Partnerships         -Sustainable Construction

 -Net Zero Developments         -Passive House Buildings         -Microgrid Developments         -Indoor Air Quality         -Interior Design

-Commissioning         -Maintenance



2005 - 2023    Evolve Development Group (                                                    San Francisco, CA

Founder & President

Evolve Development invests in land, ground-up, and value-add real estate development projects in luxury single-family residential, subdivisions, multifamily, and mixed-use projects with the goal of having a positive impact on the community, the health of the inhabitants, and the environment. Being a vertically integrated real estate company, Evolve leads the development process from identification to disposition for these complex projects.

  • Over $60M of real estate developed with an avg ROI of 115% and avg IRR of 27%

  • Soup to nuts, net-zero, sustainable, real estate developments that are built to last and focus on Healthy, Sustainable, Smart, and Resilient


2007 – 2023    Evolve Real Estate Group                                                                                 San Francisco, CA

Founder.  President

Evolve Real Estate Group is a multi-disciplinary real estate brokerage company bringing proven expertise to every aspect of real estate brokerage: Site Analysis; Acquisition; Property Management; Revitalization, and Disposition.

  • Over $60M of real estate brokered


2013 - 2023    Interstate Equities Corporation (                                        Los Altos, CA

Corporation’s Real Estate Broker of Record

Since 1981, Interstate Equities has been investing in, managing, and transforming multifamily apartments across California and the Seattle region. We deliver thoughtfully designed living environments to our residents and superior, risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

  • 146 multifamily properties purchased since inception

  • Over $500M purchased and under property management since 2013


2011 - 2021    Evolve Building                                                                                                San Francisco, CA

Co-Founder, President

Evolve Building was a design-build construction company specializing in the design and construction of some of the most technologically advanced buildings found on the market, i.e. net zero passive house buildings. Evolve's methodology utilized an integrative building science-based approach to enhance performance, comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

  • Evolve has constructed over $90M of real estate



2018 - 2020    Evolve Building Supply                                                                                    San Francisco, CA

Founder, President

Evolve Building Supply allowed any lay person to create a healthy, sustainable, smart, and resilient home/building that went beyond certification and last generations. We did this by utilizing enhanced building science techniques and high-performance building products and technologies. We procured these market-leading green building materials, techniques, systems, and technologies from around the world.


2011 – 2016    Performance Envelope & Mechanical Systems                                                       Los Altos, CA


We launched this first-to-market specialty residential subcontracting company to design and install the highest-performing energy-efficient building envelopes and mechanical systems including insulation air sealing above-grade waterproofing renewable energy and HVAC systems.


2010 – Pres    Aeroplanes Over Idaho                                                                                                 Boise, ID

Board Member

Aeroplanes Over Idaho was founded by retired United Airlines Captain Holbrook Maslen and Navy Intelligence Officer Ray Leadabrand for the purposes of education inspiration instruction and preservation in aviation. Not only are guests welcome to view all 27 historic aircraft, but Aeroplanes Over Idaho is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and instructing youth, especially at-risk youth about the maintenance and flying of all types of aircraft from a Yak-3 to Formula 1 airplane. Aeroplanes Over Idaho has taken over 2,500 youths up into the skies while teaching some of them to even become airline pilots after years of training.

  • Over 2,000 hours flown with aspiring youth aviators

  • 15 trophies from Reno Air Races




2007-2008      Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                Cambridge, MA

                       Master of Science in Real Estate Development and Finance (4.8 GPA out of 5)

                       Thesis: Greening existing buildings with LEED-EB!



1998-2002      Brown University                                                                                                  Providence, RI

                       Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (3.3 GPA out of 4)                                                                          



Licenses:        CA General Contractor, CA Real Estate Broker, LEED AP, Green Point Rater, HERS Rater, Pilot

Languages:   Fluent in Spanish

Computers:   Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, WrightSoft, PlanSwift, Blue Beam, Plan Grid

Interests:       Sustainability, Urban Planning, Energy Efficiency, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis, Water Polo, Cycling, Triathlons​