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Alexander Valley is the best!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

While this SF Chronicle Article states that it is an affordable alternative, the scenery, quaintness, uncrowded roads, unpretentiousness, and IMHO some of the best wines make it the best wine region in CA!

"While Napa and Sonoma have become lamentably expensive and challenging to visit, with tasting fees and hotel costs on the rise, Anderson Valley, a small wine region farther north, has remained much the same throughout the decades. And many Bay Area wine lovers looking for an alternative will find Anderson Valley checks a lot of the boxes. You can show up at most wineries without an appointment. Check. Tasting fees average $20-$25. Check. Kids and dogs are almost always welcome. Check. The wines are good. Check. The scenery is spectacular. Check."

All the Best,

Tyson Dirksen & The Evolve Team

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