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Remote Work Has Made a Mark But It Will Never Replace the Productivity, Creativity, and Happiness of

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The WSJ is reporting that the work-from-home era ends. We all knew this was coming sooner or later and some are a bit surprised at how fast it came but businesses are here to create and make money so should we be? We all learned a lot about how to effectively work remotely during the pandemic but one can never replace the productivity, creativity, and happiness found when humans are interacting in person. There is a reason that Steve Jobs and Tony Hseih had one entrance/exit to their offices – Pixar and Zappos, respectively. Steve Jobs had a crazy idea for Pixar’s office to force people to talk more. … or When employees leave for the day, they are funneled through the front entrance by design, so that they may increase their “collisionable hours,” i.e., chances of bumping into and organically connecting with fellow “Zapponians”.

All the Best,

Tyson Dirksen & The Evolve Team

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